Drum & dance Leadership development

Drum Power provides drum and dance development/exploration to children and youth focusing on its social emotional pillars: discipline (“using my energy for good things”), community (“supporting my own learning and the learning of others”) and leadership (“doing the right thing even when I have to do it by myself and especially when no one is watching”).  These life skills are the explicit foci of all of the West African Traditional, Afro-Cuban and Afro-Brazilian drum and dance lessons, music/dance skill development work, problem solving and practice as individual musicians and members of an ensemble community.  Since 2001, Drum Power has served more than 3,400 young people in New York City and Madison WI.

Our Team

Yorel Lashley

Director & Drum Power Founder

Drum Power Process

Drum Power Fits School Needs

We work with staff to do the following:
• Determine your goals for Drum Power—which OUTCOMES are most important
• Assess the resources and equipment already in place
• Identify specific developmental needs of participants
• Share possible lesson plans and evaluation/assessment strategies
• Explain requirements for successful implementation

Materials & Facilities Needed

• Instruments:
West African-Djembes: (1 per participant) and two Dunduns
Afro-Cuban-Congas: (1 per 2 participants), claves, cow bells, palitos
Brazilian-Surdos: 1 repenique, 1 timbau, agogo bells

• Room to accommodate participants, instruments, and chairs
• Storage space for instruments and materials
• Chalkboard
• Music player
• Journal/Note books

The numbers

DrumPower is a youth leadership program that provides young people with an opportunity to learn West African Traditional, Afro-Cuban and Afro-Brazilian drumming and their cultural/historical significance in order to build self-esteem and self-confidence through discovering the rewards of discipline, teamwork, creativity, responsibility and self-respect. These elements are the foundations out of which come respect for others, leadership, and ultimately, positive contributions to the world.

Schools & Community Centers

Student Musicians

Teaching Artists

Years in Production