Our programs

Whoopensocker in school residency
Drum Power

Drum & dance leadership development

Drum Power provides drum & dance leadership development programs for children and youth, featuring the advance performing youth group and the annual Drum & Dance Camp. Drum Power shapes programming to fit educators’ specific needs for participants, working with staff to build lesson plans and schedules. Programs include: participant-led discussions, journal writing, community service, assessment/evaluation, performances, regular meetings with staff and parental involvement.

Performing Ourselves

Empowering youth through dance

The only program of its kind, we are a dance outreach program teaching a movement-based curriculum to students in schools and community centers. We combine dance education, dance/movement therapy principles, and performance to encourage embodiment, resiliency, and a positive self-concept in underserved youth. While doing this, we provide undergraduate dance majors with valuable teaching and community experience.

Performing Ourselves Spring Showcase
Whoopensocker in school residency

Creativity, expression, writing, and collaboration

Whoopensocker is an education residency focused on creativity, expression, writing, and collaboration. It is also a dynamic community building experience for the whole class. Using a combination of performing and creative arts exercises, Whoopensocker’s ensemble of teaching artists bring in a toolbox of new ideas that work toward building the next generation of classroom experiences and focus on self-empowering all students. This six week residency was designed for elementary schools developed by Dr. Erica Rosenfeld Halverson, UW-Madison School of Education in partnership with Theatre LILA. 


Bodies, Minds, Senses, and the Arts

FauHaus brings togetherdiverse UW-Madison students and court-involved Dane county teens to collaboratively develop a socially engaged art exhibition under the guidance of Associate Professor Faisal Abdu’Allah.

Arts Integration Training

Gather with other artists to learn innovative practices and teaching methods

The Arts Integration Training is an innovative project to train and support teaching artists, educators, and artists in arts-integrated education/learning. Under the direction of UW-Madison Professors Faisal Abdu’Allah (Art), Kate Corby (Dance), and Erica Halverson (Curriculum & Instruction), in collaboration with the Bubbler at Madison Public Libraries and supported by Operations Manager, Stephanie Richards.